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Lesson Plans

Grade Level

Documentation of Student Learning

The American Dream
Jen Harrington & Jeremy Cunningham
annotated course plan.pdf
annotated reading list.pdf
Final Project - Annotated Visual Music List[1].pdf
Final Transmediation of the American Dream.pdf
Visual Image Rubric.pdf
High School 9 -12
Animoto - Mason High School Arts Integration Project.mp4
Profiles in Poetry
Pamela Collins & Jennifer LeRoy

High School 9 - 12

A Mastadon is not a Dinosaur
Beth Post, Liz Wylegala & Becky Durling
A Mastodon is not a Dinosaur Lesson Plan 2011.pdf
Mastodon Facts.pdf
A Mastodon is not a Dinosaur2011Wharton.ppt
The Me That You Don't See
Colleen Shoup & Jan Sherry
GIS 2011 Arts Integrated Lesson Plan.pdf
6th grade
Connections to Music and Poetry
Diane Singletary & Kris Bobo


How We Express Ourselves
Diane Singletary & Andrea Vasques


Signs in Nature/God's Wonder in Nature
Wendy McWhorter & Katie Kreager
Signs in Nature - God's Wonder in Nature.pdf
Upper Elementary
Picturing Place - Signs in Nature.ppt
Expression of Gratitude through Poetry, Music and Art
Janice Buchanan, Whitney Muncy, Kris Paquet & Donna Sederlund
I am Grateful - Lesson Plan.pdf
2nd grade AI Lesson plan 2010-2011.pdf
2nd grade AI time line.pdf
2nd Grade

Making Genre Connections
Beth Post, Martha Lowry, Deb Sileo
Making Genre Expressions - Lesson Plan.pdf
5th Grade
Understanding Genre Through an Integrated Arts Project.ppt
Beth Post, Liz Wylegala & Sara Parsons

Upper Elementary

International Studies: Michgian and the World
Beth Post, Liz Wylegala, Cori Oakley, Kelly Olmsead
International Arts Lesson Plan.pdf
Upper Elementary
Passport Video (Shortened).m4v
Immigration-Melting Pot Cultures
Beth Post, Liz Wylegala, Conne Crittenden & John Nagy

Upper Elementary
Sample of student work.pdf
Body Systems
Beth Post, Liz Wylegala, Keyan Robert & Andrea George
Body Systems Lesson Plans.pdf
Body Systems Music Lesson Plan.pdf
5th Grade
A few samples of body systems framework.pdf
Body Systems Documentation of Student Learning.ppt
The States of Matter and Integrated Arts
Ahna Dykema, Robyn Fiore and Drew Mason
The State of Matter and Integrated Arts Lesson Plan.pdf
4th Grade

Spanish Perspectives
September Buys & Amber Guerreiro
Spanish Perspectives - Lesson Plan.pdf
6th Grade
Spanish Perspectives - Power Point.ppt
Clay Animation Movies
Julie Tocker, Andrew Towlerton & Stephanie Lenz

High School

Dorcas Gonzalez & Paula Gregoricka

Middle School

Eric Staib &

5th & 6th Grade

Liz Wylegala, Beth Post & Katie Gerard
Wings Lesson Plan.pdf